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We offer research facilities for chemical and biochemical analysis. In addition to basic laboratory facilities, we provide specialized instrumentation for protein and DNA based purification and characterization. We also provide services for contract research, product development, water and food analysis.


  • With a fast liquid column chromatography system, protein purification is completely automated.
  • Using affinity, ion exchange, molecular exclusion or hydrophobic interaction.
  • Also with paper and TLC, with densitometry.


  • Agarose gel.
  • Polyacrylamide gel.
  • Isoelectric focusing.
  • Gradient gel.
  • 2-D gel.
  • Also molecular weight and pI determination.


  • Photomicrograph (with computer interface)
  • Surface scanning microscope


  • Superspeed centrifugation with refrigeration.
  • Bench micro centrifugation.


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